Operator Fee case goes to Judicial Review

New rules from Transport for London (TfL) which introduced massive operator fee increases will be sent for Judicial Review following a High Court hearing.

The Licensed Private Hire Car Association (LPHCA) challenged TfL’s operator fees structure in the High Court on Tuesday (6 February 2018), in which a Judicial Review was granted.

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The decision means the case will now be heard by a judge who reviews the lawfulness of a decision or action made by a public body. Mr Justice Dingemans granted permission to the LPHCA to apply for judicial review on the grounds of ‘improper purpose’ and ‘sufficiency of information relating to the consultation’.

Figures obtained via a freedom of information act request, showed operators were going out of business since the introduction of new fees.

The LPHCA’s application for ‘interim relief’ to try and stop the fee increases immediately was not granted, although the Judge accepted there was a matter of urgency for early Judicial Review. The hearing was therefore scheduled for Wednesday 25th April 2018 in the High Court, which was readily agreed to by the LPHCA and TfL.

Over 50 LPHCA Members, Operators and Industry Suppliers donated to help challenge the fees and once again the fundraising which has raised more than £150,000.

The TfL fee increases mean operators with over 11 vehicles were facing increased costs between £3,174 and £2,897,174 for a 5-year licence, which had previously cost just £2,826.

The LPHCA have also launched an Emergency Meeting, which is free-to-attend for Private Hire Operators and Industry Suppliers. If you wish to attend the meeting, pre-registration is required at www.lphca.co.uk.

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