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Industry First Drive: Porsche Panamera – Perfect Poise

The new Panamera Turbo is the best sports limousine in the world. Consider the words above carefully. I use the term best sports limousine rather than sports saloon, because at 5,049mm long and 1,935mm wide, Porsche’s new Panamera is roughly 50mm shorter, but about 40mm wider than the normal wheelbase versions of BMW’s 7-Series and the Mercedes S-Class. Originally designed to attract sporty drivers who needed four seats with its 911 design cues, the first generation Panamera had mistakes in its rear proportions that hampered it from beating the much prettier but far less...

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Chauffeur Features

When London Chauffeurs and Cyclists meet

To some in our industry it feels like there’s a war breaking out on the streets of London, as Andy Dubberley reports. Earlier in the year, I wrote an article for this illustrious website which described the challenges faced by London-based...

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Ten tips for protecting yourself and chauffeur clients

Fact – we Iive and work in a dangerous world, and as chauffeurs, we really do need to give serious consideration to everything from terrorism to common criminality. Andy Dubberley lists 10 basic tips to help keep you and your clients...

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