Chauffeur Car Reviews

First drive: The new 2017 BMW 5-Series

Since 1972 BMW has sold around 7.9 million 5-Series over six generations, and now the all-new model has hit the road.’s Dr Ian Kuah finds out if the new 5-Series top Mercedes for class honours in the first industry drive… The all-new seventh generation 5-Series goes on sale in February 2017 with the 530i, 540i and 520d and 530d in RWD and xDrive form as the debut models, with more engine options to follow. Until the new M5 makes its entrance in late 2017, the range flagship will be the M550i xDrive, whose twin-turbo V8 delivers 462hp and 650Nm of...

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Chauffeur Features

Chauffeur clients exposed – all you need to know about customers

One of the best things about being a chauffeur is the sheer amount of different people you’ll meet and get to know along the way. It does indeed take all sorts to make up a clientele, so in preparation for such a diverse range of customers, Andy...

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CP or Chauffeur? Why both isn’t always the best deal

Employing the same person to be both driver and bodyguard must be a tempting idea for many clients but can it even work in reality? Andy Dubberley investigates… There’s a lot of individuals out there with a protection licence in one pocket...

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