23rd April 2018

    Volvo S90 First Class experience revealed

    Volvo has revealed a stunning concept vehicle which focuses on giving rear passengers a first class experience. The S90 Ambience…
    5th April 2018

    Mercedes-Benz teams with ride sharing app in London

    A brand new ride-sharing platform in London has been launched and see’s a unique team-up with Mercedes-Benz and app operators…
    27th March 2018

    It’s now or never to secure PH industry warns association

    An emergency meeting has been held in London to call upon the industry to pull together to secure its future.…
    6th March 2018

    PCS Chauffeur driver told victim car was clocked

    A Chauffeur from Lancashire who was told by a former PCS Chauffeur his car was clocked, has been revealed to…
    2nd March 2018

    Multiple missed chances to shut down PCS Chauffeurs

    John Murphy, 66, went from second hand car trader – convicted in the 1980’s twice for offences related to car…
    15th February 2018

    TFL proposals could include advanced driver tests

    Private Hire drivers in London could face new strict tests if an array of new proposals are successful following consultation.…
    8th February 2018

    Operator Fee case goes to Judicial Review

    New rules from Transport for London (TfL) which introduced massive operator fee increases will be sent for Judicial Review following…
    5th February 2018

    Wheels turning for Guild of Professional Chauffeurs

    The first official assessment day for the long-awaited Guild of Professional Chauffeurs (GoPC) has been announced. After over a year…
    2nd February 2018

    Private Hire firms stop trading since fee hikes

    New figures have shown almost fifty Private Hire Operators have closed their doors since the 5000% rise in license fee’s…
    31st January 2018

    Removal of Congestion Charge exemption sparks urgent meeting

    Chauffeurs and Private Hire operators are being urged to attend an emergency meeting following proposals from Transport for London to…

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