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Seven million miles missing from Chauffeur fleet

Directors and staff at a prestigious chauffeur company took part in a major “clocking” fraud, a jury at Chester Crown Court has been told. Reporter Chris Hargreaves in court… An investigation launched by trading standards officers found the alleged conspirators had taken off more than seven million miles from the odometers of around a hundred vehicles. Richard Pratt, QC, opening the case for the prosecution, told the jury that it represented a “major...

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The time has come to recognise the Chauffeur

We chauffeurs often moan about getting lumped in with taxis, minicabs and ‘executive car services’, but is there really any way to define who we are and what we do? As usual, Andy Dubberley has his own opinions. So, when is a chauffeur not a...

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Forget glitz and glamour – you’re a chauffeur!

As a chauffeur you undoubtedly mix with a slice of society you probably wouldn’t have any connection with otherwise. But, is there a danger the odd chauffeur goes too far and falls into the trap of trying to emulate their high end...

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