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Chauffeurs Choice: Jaguar XJL Vs Audi A8L

Deciding on which Chauffeur car to operate is a tricky on-going issue and one which has to be constantly raised with the introduction of increasingly better cars every year. Online industry forums are always full of topics from new and old operators when it comes to purchasing a car which ticks all the boxes for both the chauffeur and client. is here to help as we put two popular long-wheelbase vehicles head-to-head – the Jaguar XJ and Audi A8L. The...

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Finding perfect employee’s for your Chauffeur business

Every chauffeur business owner wants to be comfortable in the knowledge the drivers they employ are delivering the very same standards they themselves adhere to. But in reality is this ever going to happen? Are you being naïve even expecting it...

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The time has come to recognise the Chauffeur

We chauffeurs often moan about getting lumped in with taxis, minicabs and ‘executive car services’, but is there really any way to define who we are and what we do? As usual, Andy Dubberley has his own opinions. So, when is a chauffeur not a...

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