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Paul Gibson, EditorPaul-Gibson Paul was the creator of The Chauffeur magazine back in 2003. After spending many years in radio and newspapers, he decided to work with cars but wasn’t sure what to do. One day, chauffeuring entered his mind so landed himself a job with a local firm driving executive cars and limousines. Soon after he realised that the industry was not being catered for when it came to a trade magazine. Six months later, the first issue was out and Paul was using his job to meet other chauffeurs, gather stories and distribute the magazine. Over the past ten years, Paul has worked with most of the top luxury car manufacturers to educate them about the chauffeur industry and help create their chauffeur programmes. Natasha Staples, Presenter Natasha was born with a taste for caviar and a need for speed. She vividly remembers her first ride in a Jaguar, at the tender age of six, and has been partial to the smell of leather and the sound of a V8 ever since. Marriage to a petrolhead and amateur racing driver meant many weekends were spent out at Kyalami race track with a wheel spanner in her hand, and she has fond memories of her first car, an Subaru Prodrive Impreza. In the year before her wedding, she was cast as a bride in several commercials, and was chauffeured to a series of “weddings” in an array of luxurious vehicles, but the car that won her heart was the BMW 7-series L, for its attention to detail inside the cabin. She lives in London, and chooses a bicycle above a car for the sake of the environment…and her thighs. But in her head she’s driving a DB9.
Dr Ian Kuah, Reporter Ian has been a car enthusiast since the age of three, and started tuning and modifying his father’s car during his teens. While reading for his degree in architecture in 1979, he passed the BSM High Performance Course under former Hendon Police Class 1 instructor and driving legend, John Lyon. He subsequently attained HPC Honours status. “John taught me that speed on the racetrack comes with smoothness, and smoothness is also a key ingredient for a good chauffeur,” he says.

A graduate of the Jim Russell Racing School at Snetterton, he left the drawing board in 1983 to become a motoring photo-journalist, specialising in prestige marques and supercars. He was also a part-time race instructor at Goodwood in the mid-1980s, and raced at national level till the early ‘90s. He has written for well-known publications such as Autocar, Auto Express and EVO in the UK, and Road & Track in the US. He is the European Editor for Mercedes Enthusiast, and also works with Audi Driver and BMW Car amongst others. He has written four books on cars.

Kyle Fortune, Reporter Kyle took the time-honoured tradition of work experience at Autocar and Top Gear magazines before starting proper paid-for work as Assistant Editor at Driving Magazine and Driving Instructor magazines for the Driving Instructors Association. He left to join a motoring editorial agency, where he worked with clients as varied as Auto Express, Daily Telegraph and MSN Cars, taking the role of Assistant Editor on the Auto Express UK Car Catalogue and Editor of the Daily Express World Car Guide. Following that he joined Car Enthusiast Editorial Agency where he’s now a Director.

Writing remains his key role, his words frequently seen in Auto Express, Autocar, European Car (US) as well as countless single marque and specialist, magazines, newspapers and websites everywhere. He still wonders how nobody has found him out, as it’s not really work is it? If he’s not at his desk typing, he’s on the road, or in a plane, usually typing, on the way to drive a new car. Failing that he’ll be out walking the dog and spending time with his family.

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