The has been serving the marketplace since 2003, when creator Paul Gibson saw the opening for a dedicated website for the industry with news, features, classifieds and car reviews.

Ever since, has become the most popular website resource for the sector – its audience consists of private chauffeurs, self-employed chauffeurs, fleet decision makers and drivers.

Since its inception, the team behind the website has been working with a large number of car manufacturers to develop specific chauffeur programmes which suit its audience, as it felt the industry was not recognised as large buyers of luxury vehicles. The website ranks high on the most popular search engines because of its unique content.

The editorial team talks to the large operators within the industry, government authorities, car manufacturers and various other sources to produce this content which in 2017 was viewed more than 340,000 times. In January 2018, the website was completely redesigned and re-launched to the business bringing with it a fresh new feel and integrated video productions on news features and car reviews. Now, attracts an average 7,500 unique visitors every month with around 35,000-40,000 page impressions.

Video content is a fantastic way to engage the audience and reaches far wider than just being viewed on Content is pushed out to the world’s most popular viral websites such as YouTube, Facebook and other video portals. This generates a flow of targeted visitors who work within the chauffeuring sector.

Our followers has a great following, because the industry trusts the brand to deliver unique and concentrated news and features. Our database of subscribers means they are kept up-to-date with the latest news from the site via email which generates a large amount of traffic to the site – this represents 43% of our visitors.

Visitors are specifically looking for ‘chauffeur news’ as our statistics show this is one of the main terms being entered into search engines such as Google. A huge number of links have been generated by related sites throughout the world which also generates a large percentage of traffic.

Our Newsletters

Chauffeurs are busy people and they do not always remember to log on to get the latest news – so we send it to them!

More than 5,500 chauffeurs and operators from around the UK have signed up to our regular E-Newsletter. These are delivered using a state-of-the-art system which makes sure the newsletter is delivered direct to the inbox, not the spam box like most newsletters.

Our statistics show that a large number of visits come as a result of the newsletter, which outlines the latest stories and encourages the reader to click through to the site.

Exclusive Video Content

Our dynamic, professional video content means we reach a far greater audience as the videos get featured on YouTube, Facebook, Google Videos and many other viral video sites. These videos can support sponsored messages at the beginning and end of the production.

The is a great believer in social networking websites, as a massive percentage of the industry already use these to promote their businesses.

The can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Google News and LinkedIn amongst many others. These sites are very successful in driving more traffic to and also allow our readers to interact with us.

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