Protection driving course combines Chauffeur skills

protection-driving-525pxIn the third of our series of specialist protection driver training course reviews, reporter Andy Dubberley decamped to the leafy suburbs of West London to find out what the Protection Driver Security Chauffeur Association had to offer.

There’s a surprising demographic on this course, and I’m a tad taken aback on the first morning if I’m honest. Here I am joining another nine working chauffeurs – seriously experienced chauffeurs at that, with time served in the trade ranging from nine, to a very impressive thirty two years.

Now, this is a turn up methinks, a group of old school chauffeurs who’ve decided, on their own volition and without anyone poking them with a sharp stick, that they want to get some recognition for what they already know and a very impressive education in the stuff they don’t. They did, it appears from the off, come to the right place.

Vehicle Finance for Chauffeurs

There wasn’t a whippersnapper in sight, because the PDSCA’s ‘short’ course is specifically designed for those of us with a decent amount of chauffeuring experience already under our belts and I have to say it’s a very refreshing state of affairs. Each course is individually tailored to those attending, and in this case that mixture of considerable experience and the fact that all the ‘students’ are London-based provided the necessary course foundation.

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