How to become a chauffeur or limousine driver

Want to become a chauffeur or limousine driver? This is our ‘how to’ article for the best tips and advice to get a job as a chauffeur or limousine driver in the UK.

There is ultimately two types of chauffeur work available in the UK and this is the first decision to be made – both have advantages and disadvantages.

The first option is to become a self-employed driver and offer executive/luxury services to corporate and private clients – this normally involves purchasing or leasing your own chauffeur vehicles and being responsible for maintenance and the general running of your company.

Secondly, if you are looking for a reliable income and be in complete control of the hours you work, then you are probably more suited to becoming an employed chauffeur with one of the thousands of operators currently running in the UK. Although being a chauffeur normally involves long hours, this option gives you a regular income.


Let’s concentrate on becoming a self-employed chauffeur to begin with. Many who decide to run their own businesses normally start with a large amount of capital as running a chauffeur business can be an expensive project. However, some may start to build a client base with a slightly older vehicle to lower running costs.

The mains costs would be: Purchasing/leasing one or more vehicles, vehicle and business insurances, local authority licensing, chauffeur salaries, vehicle maintenance, website design and PR activities.

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