Finding perfect employee’s for your Chauffeur business

Every chauffeur business owner wants to be comfortable in the knowledge the drivers they employ are delivering the very same standards they themselves adhere to.

But in reality is this ever going to happen? Are you being naïve even expecting it to?

Andy Dubberley investigates.

For the smaller operators in the industry, chances are you have built your loyal client base on the back of the level of service you provide. Not just that, but those same clients use you because they like and trust you as an individual.

Yes, of course there are other factors such as car type and price, but any lasting relationship will undoubtedly be down to personalities ahead of anything else. There’s an abundance of competition out there so it’s clearly something you offer that keeps clients coming back.

So, that’s all fluffy and nice, but then the business grows and you either need to sub contract work to colleagues or take the plunge, buy a second set of wheels and find someone to drive it for you. Welcome to the minefield – finding the right person to employ is one of the toughest things you will face as a small chauffeur business, especially one where personality is such a vital ingredient. Your chosen driver will be a representation of both you and your business so you have no choice but to be picky.

You’ll have plenty of people throwing CV’s your way, as well as the odd neighbour pointing out that their second cousin twice removed has just been made redundant and ‘can drive’ if you’re looking for anyone. ‘It’s just driving’ is an oh so common description of what we do and I’ve long got past being bothered by such a narrow minded assumption of what being a chauffeur truly entails.

If the above statement is someone’s assessment of the art of chauffeuring, they’re most certainly not parking their backside in one of my wagons. As unfair as it might be, I’m also nervous about those who assume you can just roll up and start work with nothing more than a basic driving licence because surely you’d do a little bit more research about the professional requirements if you fancied life as a chauffeur?

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