VOSA recognises digital tacho problems

The problem of finding a digital tachometer for a 4×4 vehicle faced by limousine operators has been recognised by VOSA.

On 11th April 2007 the new Drivers’ Hours Regulations (Regulation (EC) No 561/2006) came into force. As well as changing some of the long-standing rules in respect of breaks and rest periods, they also brought into scope some categories of vehicle which had previously never been governed by the EU rules.

Since then, operators have had the task of trying to locate suitable digital tacho’s to comply with the new laws. VOSA has announced it is acutely aware of the fact that many manufacturers of minibuses, light vans and 4×4 vehicles have been producing vehicles which are unable to be fitted with digital tachographs that conform to EU technical specification.

The agency also made clear that whilst it appreciates that a fitment problem does exist, it also has a responsibility to enforce the rules as they currently stand. Although it will be looking for full compliance, enforcement will be undertaken pragmatically, and each case will be judged on its own merits.

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