Top Five Safest Private Hire Vehicles

As a private hire provider you of course have a responsibility for the safety of your passengers. This means recruiting professional drivers who know how to drive safely from A to B. It also means operating the safest vehicles that are appropriate to our industry.

Thanks to Euro NCAP who have been running crash tests on new cars for over 20 years it is very easy to see exactly how safe a car is, with star ratings and percentage scores available to show how safe a vehicle is for passengers (and drivers). The scores below relate to adult passengers and drivers rather than children, though that information is also available on the Euro NCAP website.

With the chauffeur industry very clearly in mind, let’s take a look at the 5 safest new executive vehicles on the market right now.

Vehicle Finance for Chauffeurs

5th Place – BMW 5 Series – 5 stars – 91%. Of course it’s not a full compliment without BMW, which makes it into our list of the five safest executive cars on the market.


4th Place – Jaguar XF – 5 stars – 92%. Replacing the S-Type in 2007 the XF shares the same very decent safety score as the newer XE.

3rd Place – Mercedes E-Class – 5 stars – 95%. The E-Class certainly holds its own in this countdown, which is good to know because of the popularity of this range in the luxury private hire sector.

2nd Place – Volvo V90 – 5 stars – 95%. It wouldn’t be a list of safe cars without a Volvo or two, so here are two (sort of), starting with the V90 saloon.

The V90 is the estate model of the S90, so unsurprisingly they both share the same excellent safety score.

1st Place – Volvo S90 – 5 stars – 95%. The S90 is the saloon version of the V90, so unsurprisingly they both share the same excellent safety score.

By Sam Butterworth, blog editor at Crown Executive Cars.

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