The time has come to recognise the Chauffeur

It used to be but the sheer size of the private hire industry has diluted our once proud profession and ‘proper’ Chauffeurs are struggling to put their heads above the parapet and be recognised as such.

The time has come and something needs to happen! A chauffeur needs to have or do something tangible to show he or she does exactly what it says on the tin and that’s why a group of people are getting together to form an organisation proudly called the ‘Guild of Professional Chauffeurs’.

Neither will it be just a name, the plan is for it to become a highly respected group of properly skilled and qualified individuals who strive to uphold and continue the grand heritage and reputation of the chauffeuring profession.

Vehicle Finance for Chauffeurs

So far the response has been extremely positive and the Guild is about to meet for the second time next weekend (21st January 2017) to put themselves on a more formal footing and carry plans forward.

Not everyone feels the need for formal recognition of the fact that they’re a chauffeur of course, but for those who do want to be part of a process that, it is hoped, will become the benchmark for professional standards, the Guild of Professional Chauffeurs aims to fill the current void.

The vision is that membership of the Guild will eventually be something Chauffeurs strive to attain as well as a recognisable symbol of excellence for companies, the media and very importantly, potential customers.

Membership criteria is still being discussed, but the idea is for there to be an application process where suitably qualified individuals will be assessed on their driving skills, customer service, etiquette and general ability.

It is high time the industry had a genuine professional body Chauffeurs could have immense pride in being a part of and the Guild of Professional Chauffeurs looks like becoming the answer to a lot of people’s prayers.


Andy Dubberley

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