The time has come to recognise the Chauffeur

I’m as guilty as the next person for talking up the E-Class as a great set of wheels for the job, but when compared to it’s LWB counterparts you can’t really describe it as a ‘proper’ chauffeur car… can you?

So, we already have a difference of opinion in the ‘what makes a chauffeur’ debate as there’ll be numerous people reading this who own or drive an E-Class or equivalent but who very much consider themselves a chauffeur.

On the opposing side will be the LWB car drivers who firmly place the E-Class fraternity in the ‘executive car service’ bracket as the motor simply isn’t spec’d in a way it needs to be as a serious chauffeur’s motor. Outcome-inconclusive.

Vehicle Finance for Chauffeurs

I call myself a chauffeur, therefore I am one.

There’s a line that covers a multitude of sins! You might drive a S, 7, XJ, Maybach or whatever, but what is it that allows you to call yourself a chauffeur?

Experience? Level of service? The way you dress? Neither is the dictionary any help because that simply defines chauffeur as ‘a person employed to drive a private or hired car’.

Let’s be honest, you can have thirty years under your belt, open doors for the best of them and wear a suit as a taxi driver, so even these aren’t attributes that put Chauffeurs in a league of their own.

Take the taxi sign off the top of the motor and does the cabbie suddenly become the chauffeur? At the other end of the spectrum, does anyone driving a Bentley in our industry automatically qualify for the chauffeur title? So, they’ve got the right wheels but what if they dress like a sack of spuds and have no professional skills whatsoever – are they or aren’t they? Outcome-inconclusive.

In all seriousness, our industry is in a bit of a mess right now and part of the problem is that everyone wants to call themselves a chauffeur. The trouble is it should represent much more than just a job title. It should be a statement of professionalism, a respected occupation, a unique selling point.

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