Speed camera data 'must be published in full'

The Association of British Drivers has welcomed the news that camera partnerships will be forced to publish speed camera data but implores the government to insist upon full and accurate data.

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory explains: “The ABD have years of experience attempting to get raw data out of elusive partnerships without success. Any data grudgingly released is invariably missing vital information or spun in a misleading fashion. This cannot continue”

The ABD calls for all camera partnerships to be forced to reveal the following:

Full details of casualty & accident data per billion vehicle kilometres at each camera site 5 years either side of installation.

This should include accident & casualty dates, exact speeds of vehicles involved, directions of travel and distance from camera location.

Effects separated into ‘fatal’;’serious injuries’ and ‘non serious injuries’ (not misleading ‘KSI’)

Causal factors in the accidents (drunk, drugged, unlicensed ,stolen vehicle etc).

Other changes to immediate road layout and significant area changes during the ten year period.

Brian Gregory continues: “Only when armed with the full information can the public see exactly what effect an individual camera has had. Of course, the raw data will also need to be ‘trend adjusted’ i.e. casualties will have fallen everywhere over any recent ten year period due to huge advances in vehicle design.

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