Rear seat luxury packs – worth the extra money?

As our recent test vehicle arrives at TheChauffeur towers  – we of course climb straight in the back to discover what’s on offer for the chauffeured client.

In this case, the Mercedes-Benz S350d long-wheelbase is delivered with the 2018 updates – one of which is an incredibly comfortable individual rear seat comfort pack. For £5,000 extra, clients can experience a 37 degree recline, ventilated seats with luxury rear head restraints and folding rear tables.

In addition, the front passenger seats moves fully forward allowing the clients to stretch out fully and of course enjoy a massage at the same time.

What we want to know is – do or would your clients use this set-up or are they more interested in working than relaxing? Would the £5,000 give you more business and encourage customers to come back?

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