Power cuts a thing of the past for Carey Worldwide

Brentford based chauffeur firm, Carey Worldwide Chauffeured Services has been forced to take action as it suffers regular power cuts taking down vital operations servers.

During these down times, the company fears it may not be able to service clients and has therefore installed a complete uninterruptible power supply, back-up generator and a continuous monitoring service, ensuring business operations remain unaffected by power outages.

UPS Systems, a leading UK power technology company, supplied the system which allows critical IT servers, communication equipment and building facilities to continue operating normally during power cuts, a remote monitoring service was also supplied on the generator and UPS, alerting managers at Carey to power supply or equipment issues.

Tom Sperrey, managing director at UPS Systems commented, “From initial planning permission, design, specification, installation and on-going monitoring, UPS Systems was able to offer expert advice throughout the entire project. Our managed service approach towards standby power solutions enables clients such as Carey, who rely on the continuous operation of vital IT equipment and building services to remain operational at all times, even long after the initial installation has been completed.”

Greg Mendoza, vice president and general manager for Carey explained why the company chose such a comprehensive UPS system: “In this particular area of London we seem to suffer from power cuts. We’re a 24/7-business operation and our clients, many of whom have an annual spend running into millions, rely on our services. If we had any loss of power we’d simply be dead in the water!”

Mr. Mendoza continued, “We’d become invisible to the firm’s various electronic booking systems. Those bookings would simply go elsewhere. When you consider an average transaction may cost around £200, if you then multiply that figure by 20 or 30 that’s potentially a huge loss to the business. UPS Systems’ end-to-end solution and on-going managed service approach gives us peace of mind, allowing our drivers to stay on the road and keep the business running smoothly.”

Carey, and its sister company Embarque, is part of the Carey Global Network. The company carries out 1.5 million chauffeured trips every year and serves more than 650 cities in 70 countries worldwide. Its Chauffeur Network relies heavily on a number of critical servers that are linked to 300,000 reservation terminals at travel agencies, corporate travel departments and government agencies.


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