PCS Chauffeur driver told victim car was clocked

A Chauffeur from Lancashire who was told by a former PCS Chauffeur his car was clocked, has been revealed to TheChauffeur.com his ordeal.

Ronnie Clayton from Blackpool purchased the ex-Emirates chauffeur car in 2014 which was sold by PCS and passed through a number of traders before Mr Clayton bought the Mercedes-Benz E220 Estate.

Ronnie failed to carry out an official HPI Check on the car which subsequently showed it travelled nearly 60,000 miles in its first seven months on the road before it was clocked down to 8,500 miles, prior to a warranty claim against Mercedes-Benz UK. The vehicle continued to be clocked throughout the next two and a half years before being sold with a fraction of the real mileage showing on the odometer.

Vehicle Finance for Chauffeurs

Mr Clayton told us how he parked to collect some passengers at Manchester Airport, when a PCS Chauffeur approached him telling him his vehicle was clocked. The name and details of the driver identified by Mr Clayton in his interview have been passed to the authorities.

Chauffeurs are being advised no matter who or where you are buying a vehicle from you should conduct your own checks. As the interview shows your livelihood and main source of income can be significantly affected and leave you substantially out of pocket if you don’t.

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