Paddington bound clients get luxury eco chauffeurs

First Great Western has teamed up with a chauffeur driven electric car provider eConnect cars to offer Paddington bound customers a luxury, green, travel connection.

Passengers will now be able to pre-book their electric car transport to and from the station while purchasing their train tickets and take advantage of being passenger in one of the company’s top-of-the-range Nissan Leaf Tekna or Tesla Model S, both vehicles are zero emissions and all-electric.

First Great Western’s Integrated Transport Manager Andrew Saunders said:“FGW is committed to reducing our impact on the environment. By providing access to renewable connecting services we can help ensure more people take the train, where they can prepare for their meeting, make use of our free on board WiFi service or just enjoy the English countryside rolling by, before being picked up in a chauffeur driven zero emission car.”

eConnect cars announced the strategic partnership this week, and MD of eConnect Cats, Alistair Clarke commented; “It gives us great pleasure to announce this partnership with First Great Western. This is the first time a train operator has partnered with an electric vehicle operator in London to create a transport solution that truly represents smarter, greener travel for those coming to and from London. Passengers can now choose to travel their first or last mile responsibly in a chauffeur-driven zero emission car.”

In 2014 eConnect cars delivered over 10,500 passengers to their destinations on time, driving over 93,000 miles in the process. The company subscribes to GoldPower, an innovative way of funding the development of renewable power generation and supporting developing communities. eConnect cars replaces each MWh of electricity it uses from the National Grid by purchasing an equal amount GoldPower, thus replacing the energy with a clean source making its service fully sustainable and carbon neutral.

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