The Chauffeur Spotlight: Surrey Chauffeur UK Ltd.

In the first of our series of videos profiling chauffeur companies in the UK, we speak to Ed Halil who talks about his company’s social networking activities and how he manages to retain his current client base.

In 2003, Ed entered the chauffeur industry after being made redundant from a city job and managed to get a position within a local chauffeur firm. This is when he realised he had a gift – a gift which would make him one of the most popular chauffeurs within the business.

He decided to make use of this skill and started his own operation in 2003, where he ran his business from a small desk underneath the stairs. The company became Limited in 2006, and now operates twenty vehicles and drivers, boasts a number of large corporate accounts and an almost perfect record in maintaining his customer base.

Ed told; “Even in the current climate, we’re always trying to think of different ways to not just generate new business, but maintain the clients we already have – it must be working as four years down the line we are still here and growing.”

Hear about how social network marketing and maintaining prices helps Surrey Chauffeur UK continue to grow in our exclusive video…


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