Operator denied return of Excursion limousines

It’s  been reported two limousines seized by VOSA in September will not be returned to the owner.

A recent public enquiry apparently heard how owner Daniel Rosemeyer from The Full Stretch in Wales was operating vehicles which were not licensed under a PSV, the local authority or VOSA.

They were seized following an inspection which highlighted various  faults, and on another occasion, an apparent trap by enforcement officers which meant his second vehicle was also seized due to not meeting COIF regulations and carrying more than eight passengers.

The Full Stretch has been operating since 2003 and grew dramatically during the limo hire peak in 2008 to own six limousines including a GMC, Yukon, Chrysler and Hummer H3 – but now, Mr Rosemeyer says there is no licence available to suit his business as a whole.

Daniel Rosemeyer told thechauffeur.com in September; “The whole situation is totally unacceptable. When I registered my vehicles in 2005, the government was happy to take my import duty and VAT, but now I am left with a fleet of vehicles which cannot be brought up to their standards – two of which are sitting at the pound.”

He added; “I am completely happy to bring the Excursions to the standards required under the guidance of VOSA. I will get them through the COIF processes, but even then, I fear I will not be operating legally in their eyes, so it is a catch twenty two situation.

Welsh Deputy Traffic Commissioner, Sarah Bell refused to return the limousines to Mr Rosemeyer in the hearing. The company has until Christmas to appeal.

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