Limousine sales firm offers luxury bus conversions

A limousine sales company has teamed-up with Carisma Auto Design to promote its luxury vehicle conversions throughout the UK, Europe and the Far East.

LimoWorld UK, famous for it’s Krystal limousine vehicles has announce the partnership with Carisma Auto Design Ltd presenting LimoWorld the opportunity to market what it describes as the ‘very best executive Transport solution available in today’s market place’.

Nick Clarke, Managing Director of LimoWorld commented; “Given the financial situation that the world and business finds itself in today, this product with its discrete exterior and very high end bespoke interior presents a very good impression to shareholders and customers that their business leaders are practicing economy in their choice of executive transport without actually giving up the practical yet luxurious interiors available’.

Clive Drake, Sales Director for Carisma Auto Design commented; “LimoWorld is a well-established brand in supplying quality limousines across a range of markets – not only in the UK, but worldwide. The diversity of LimoWorld allows us access to a proven sales channel; in turn we are able to offer them a flexible and diverse range of products, either discreet vehicle transportation and limousines – or mobile office solutions for corporations looking to maximise executives time when on the move.”

Bringing together Mercedes-Benz vehicles, luxury materials and workmanship from the highest skilled craftsmen, it allows Carisma to develop and produce interiors ‘in the best traditions of English craftsmanship’.

The partnership is offering various configurations which are suitable for the top executive with a two seat private office with sleeper seats to the VIP Airport shuttle with additional luggage capacity developed alongside the driver. The objective is to give the passengers the interior style and comfort that they would experience in the world famous Maybach, with practicality and economy that a more discrete exterior can offer .

With prices starting from £54,500 for the conversion to a customer supplied vehicle, this configuration of top quality light commercial vehicle with high end top quality interior is becoming increasingly popular amongst corporate customers and executive transport providers.

Mr Clarke added; “This is exactly the way forward that we see the Executive Transport market going offering very high end bespoke interiors but with a discrete exterior appearance.”

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