Limo companies faced 0800 phone switch off

Hundreds of limousine companies across the UK were given just hours notice before their phones went dead this week.

Global Communication Solutions (GCS) which has been well-known as a supplier of 0800 numbers to the limousine industry has gone into administration taking with it all the numbers it supplied. All of its customers will now be disconnected unless they pay a top-up fee to the company which supplied GCS with the original number.

GCS sent an email and SMS message to its customers on Tuesday announcing the changes, and gave them 24 hours to transfer their numbers or face being disconnected.

Customers who bought an 0800 number were apparently treated to a 1000 free minutes every month along with free diverted calls to a mobile. Now, TTNC which is taking over the numbers will charge around 4p per minute for calls going to a landline, but 16p per minute if diverted to a mobile. This is cost which is likely to outrage operators as most are on the road for many hours a day.

The Limo Doctor which is a repair service in Preston told, “It is quite annoying as the Yellow Pages has only just been published which has the 0800 number on it. Thankfully we decided to print our landline number on our advertisement.”

There are worries that some operators did not receive the notifications which were sent out and will find themselves with a silent phoneline.

Operators can visit for more information.