Limo businessman faces jail for party rape

A businessman faces a lengthy prison sentence after he was found guilty of rape and other sexual offences against women.

It took members of the jury four days of deliberating to find Jason Levins, 25, guilty of raping a 20-year-old woman at a house party in Tilbury on May 4.

Levins, director of award-winning south Essex limousines and party bus firm Shuttle Club, was found guilty of two further counts of sexual assault against the same woman at the party.

He was also convicted of groping a 21-year-old woman at Jumpin’ Jaks nightclub, on the Festival Leisure Park, Basildon, on March 6.

The strain of the case told on the jurors’ faces with two women in tears as the foreman confirmed they had agreed he was guilty of the offences by a majority of ten to one.

Several women sitting in the public gallery, believed to be members of Levins’s family, gasped and became emotional as the verdicts were announced at Basildon Crown Court yesterday.

Speaking to Levins, Judge Graham said: “You have been convicted by this jury on four counts, including the most serious count.

“I’m going to adjourn the case for a presentence report, but a lengthy custodial sentence is inevitable.”

He praised the jury for taking their time reaching a verdict.

The judge said: “Members of the jury, I would like to thank you. It is clear you have given this very earnest and careful consideration.

“I recognise making important decisions about other people’s lives is a very difficult thing to do.”

The court heard previously Levins, of Church Lane, Purfleet, had brought alcohol to the house party and began pouring drinks for his victim and another woman.

The 20-year-old was not used to drinking and had to be helped to bed by Levins, who then raped her.

Levins was cleared of one count of sexual assault against the rape victim and groping another woman.

He will be sentenced for rape and three counts of sexual assault at Basildon Crown Court on December 20.

Source: Echo News

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