Law Commission presents to PH and Chauffeur industry at event

Operators are being urged to hear plans to radically change private hire licensing at an industry event in June.

Frances Patterson QC from Law Commission

The Licensed Private Hire Car Association is to hold a Road Show in London to allow officials from the Law Commission to consult the private hire and chauffeur industry on the way it intends to change long-standing laws and regulations. The free event is taking place at the Marriot Hotel, Bath Road, Heathrow on 14th June and is open to all members of the trade – but all visitors must pre-register.

Vehicle displays and other industry providers will also be featured at the event which is organised by popular industry body, The LPHCA. Steve Wright from the Association told; “It’s vital that the industry gets involved, as this is an ideal opportunity to find out what the future hold for the trade.”

Vehicle Finance for Chauffeurs

Officials from the Olympic Delivery Authority will also be presenting on how the forthcoming games will effect operators throughout the city.

To pre-register, please click the link below…

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