Jaguar reveals improvements to 2013 XJ model year

Jaguar has announced major improvements to the next generation of XJ which increase MPG and lowers Co2 figures.

The 2013 model year will feature an eight-speed gearbox and a Stop-Start facility will come as standard on the revised versions. Jaguar believes these improvements will see consumption figures increased to 47mpg and Co2 have been improved by 14% to an incredible 159 g/km.

Clients will also benefit with an improved suspension system – all models in the range benefit from re-calibrated spring and damper tunes as well as remapped damper software which will offer an enhanced ride isolation and passenger comfort on all road surfaces. DAB radio is also fitted as standard along with a new premium sound system.

The XJ continues to be among the best-selling cars in its class, reporting an 11% per cent rise in sales in 2011. Combining advanced construction, luxury and performance, the XJ range has recently expanded to include the new Sport and Speed packs as well as the introduction of the new ‘Ultimate’ model, including a bespoke rear seat environment and unique exterior styling.

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