It’s now or never to secure PH industry warns association

An emergency meeting has been held in London to call upon the industry to pull together to secure its future.

More than a hundred industry professionals gathered at the Heathrow Marriott recently to discuss and donate to the official Fighting Fund – which could stop hundreds of businesses closing.

Vehicle Finance for Chauffeurs

The Licensed Private Hire Car Association (LPHCA) has warned operators they will be liable for £40m of fees if it is not successful in halting Transport for London’s Operator License hikes. These would would see operators with over eleven vehicles face increased costs between £3,174 and £2,897,174 for a 5-year licence, which had previously cost just £2,826.

In February, the LPHCA challenged TfL’s operator fees structure in the High Court in which a Judicial Review was granted. Now, around £200,000 is needed to fight TfL in the courts to halt the increases – losing this case could see the end a huge part of the industry – warns Chairman Steve Wright.

There are around 2,400 operators in London and now is the time to step up and do your part to save the industry – more than £130,000 has already been raised but more is needed urgently!

Suppliers to the private hire industry such as insurance, accountancy and software firms have all donated towards the cause as they also rely on the survival of the industry to continue. As a media outlet, has dedicated its video production services to promote the cause.

To donate and for more information, click here.

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