First drive – The new Mercedes E-Class Estate

ay5t8332-520px reporter Dr Ian Kuah gets the first industry drive of the popular premium chauffeur vehicle…

Almost exactly 50 years after the debut of their very first production estate car, based on the W110 ‘fintail’ saloon, Mercedes has rolled out their new E-Class estate, which they claim to be the best car of its type they have ever built.

It is not uncommon for a modern estate car to be aesthetically superior to the saloon on which it is based, and that is the case here. While the new E-Class saloon is an elegant and well-proportioned car that successfully role-plays business and family use, the new E-Class estate (S213) has a less formal mission in life and so takes formality down a notch to raise its lifestyle game even further.

Once glance at the new cars profile tells you that the rear overhang has been shortened. The elegantly shaped D-pillars that take their styling cue from the C-pillars of the classic W111 S-Class and C215 Coupes do a lot to reduce the perceived bulk of the rear quarter, and the new estate looks both tauter and sportier as a result.

With more of the cars load inside its wheelbase, the reduced rear overhang is also a positive development for weight distribution and handling. Self-levelling air suspension is standard at the rear, with Air Body Control a cost option.

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