In-Car Camera could save you thousands if the worse happens

It wasn’t long ago that fitting CCTV to a vehicle was a newsworthy story. Now, it’s relatively commonplace, so we discover a unit that could change the way your fleet is operated.

The recently announced RoadHawk camera is small in-car unit which allows fleet owners to monitor driving habits, and if a crash occurs, there is always proof as to what really happened. has been testing the RoadHawk Camera to find out how the system can not only solve who is responsible for an accident, but also encourage better driving standards.

When you talk to someone about the camera, they always reply ‘I could have done with one of those the other day when…”, which is a very understandable statement considering the amount situations we have captured in just a few months. Fortunately, we’ve not witnesses anything too serious, but we’ve caught moments of madness on motorways, road rage and situations that could have potentially turned into costly insurance claims.

The Roadhawk is a discreet, small unit that mounts under a rear view mirror so that it doesn’t distract the view ahead. A very long 12v power cable to supplied which allows the owner to ‘hard wire’ the camera without leaving cables dangling anywhere. when plugged in, the camera continuously records onto an SDHC card and then can be easily removed and footage can then be viewed on a computer.

If you ever need to use the footage there is a great piece of software which offers a large amount of information which can help your case. When viewing the film, you can see your current speed, a moving Google and satellite map shows you the vehicles exact location along with a G-Force monitor so that you can see any hard braking or accelerating. Hitting the ‘Event’ button on the unit makes sure a piece of footage is never lost!

The camera also captures sound which can be switched off with a press of a button if you client does not like the fact a conversation can be heard in the car. This a low-cost, no-subscription product. The GPS works anywhere in the world, it doesn’t need driver intervention and is easy to fit and use.
Better still, there are clear benefits that have been recognised by three insurers.

Equity Red Star will provide up to a 10% discount on their fleet policies for companies with RoadHawk forward-facing cameras in their vehicles. PCV insurance specialists Towergate Insurance also endorses the RoadHawk DC-1 forward facing camera, offering discounts to operators looking to insure their small fleet (1-5) vehicles.

Barry Grainger Ltd, a specialist insurance broker that offers many motor insurance solutions including coach and minibus, also provides discounts for RoadHawk-fitted fleets.

Whether it’s a genuine accident, an accusation of bad driving, or a crash-for-cash scam, then a forward-facing camera can ensure that you do not become a victim of unlawful activities due to an individual’s greed for illegal financial gain or stupidity.

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