Icon Queen of the Night now in the UK

The latest versions of the Executive Coach Builders Icon limousines have been hitting the UK shores recently, and displaying the impressive interiors and equipment upgrades.

ECB has been building custom limousines for more than two decades, longer than anyone else in the limousine manufacturing business. This alone is testimony to the exceptional longevity in styling, engineering, and service.

Innovation is what has kept ECB the forefront since it created its first extended wheelbase vehicle in 1976. Since then, extensive customer communication, research, and product development has enabled ECB to lead the industry in technological innovations. Ford Motor Company recently labelled Executive as the fastest growing limousine manufacturer in the nation.

ECB now offers all of the above to the United Kingdom and European clients direct from its factory outlet in Oxfordshire. The UK team headed by David Towells was the fi nal link to a seamless system that existed within the USA.

David commented; “When you place an order with ECB U.K you can rest assured that it will be in the hands of an authorised factory representative from the moment it leaves the factory or depot until the delivery of the vehicle, bringing the end to agents and Gypsy dealers.”

The company now has the 2006 Icon demonstrator in stock which boasts an amazing interior, with some parts being specially designed for the UK market. A touch screen unit which controls items such as the radio, DVD and divider has been re-located to be overhead rather than integrated into a pillar.

The Icon has been beautifully finished and is sure to be a great addition to any fleet. Demonstrators for the new 2006 ICON 120 are available in the UK for you to see, give them a call to arrange a test drive today.

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