Highlights of Las Vegas LCT Show 2005

We take a ride 4,000 miles across the ocean to New Jersey to witness the highlights of the latest Limo Digest Show which has attracted thousands of drivers and operators from across America and the United Kingdom…


Moonlight Industries display the most amazing Hummer the show has even seen.

The Hummer H2 was just one of the show stopping limousine on display at the recent show in Atlantic City. Built by Moonlight Industries especially for the show, the Hummer had a unique paint-job which had an amazing metallic effect.

The interior based on a gambling theme, with a poker table to the rear of the cabin and fantastic neon’s throughout. Another feature which made the Hummer stand out from the rest was the airline like side hydraulic door and the tilting driver and passenger doors.

The makers were apparently asked about making this into a sliding door to suit the UK market by various British chauffeurs at the show. Being on the right hand side of the vehicle, the hydraulic door could face difficult times if used in this country.

Chrysler 300 in every shape and colour

The un-stretched Chrysler 300 is not due to arrive in this country until the later half of next year.

But in the States where the car is currently produced, the Chrysler 300 is not only a popular sedan, but is also big when it comes to the limousine market. It is available with two engine types – the 5.7 Hemi V8 engine, or a 3.5 V6 version.

Due to its very competitive prices, the 300 has undergone a variety of changes which have been carried out by almost every coach builders in the US. Various made their first appearances at the show including LCW’s version which it has renamed the ‘Ultimate’. It has removed every trace of the Chrysler badge and given it its own identity.

With a impressive interiors and a price tags of  between $71,000 and $79,000, the 300 is sure to be a winner when the first stretched models arrive in the UK in the next few weeks.

Another opening for Federal Coach

A feature popular in America and slowly making its way into the UK market is the 5th door. A wider, more accessible entrance to the limousine situated behind the drivers cabin gives 54 inches of room to enter and exit the limousine. Perfect for the bride with ‘big’ dress.

But, what could the 5th door version of the Lincoln Town Car mean for the UK market? With various new rules and regulations coming in for the limousine industry, the 5th door could be a beneficial feature when it comes to complying to safety standards.

As like the Hummer above, a 5th door in the 4×4 type limousine, could change the way safety issues are looked at. The Federal stand also displayed some amazing interiors at the show. All the company’s vehicles can be viewed at www.federalcoach.com.

Facelift Excursion gives it new appeal

The new face of the Ford Excursion also made a strong appearance at the limousine show.

Both stretched and un-stretched versions of the SUV were on display from most of the main US manufacturers. Executive Coach showed an array of vehicles which included the new 2005 Excursion.

Peter Bunting from Executive Coach Europe said, “The 2005 version is an exciting vehicle with an array of excellent changes inside and outside of the vehicle.’

“In the back, it features a completely re-styled bar, mirrored ceiling which is stainless steel with fibre optics, and redesigned seating which all makes a great difference.’

The new model features smoother lines from the front and a face-lifted grille and headlamps. Drivers also get a revised interior which also includes a new touch screen system.

A V10 Tritan petrol engine now pulls the Excursion which is due to hit the UK in the coming months.

Royale’s champagne  model gets a great reception…

Royale Limo always been well-known for having high quality interiors with a subtle yet stylish appearance.

Well, the latest Royale which was at the US Limo Show certainly raised eyebrows when it revealed its ‘Champagne’ Towncar model. The American coach building giants attracted thousands of visitors to its stand as it displayed its latest stunner to the crowds.

The ‘Champagne’ feature an amazing bronze/gold colour J-seating, gold bar with a beautiful lighting effect which can be changed at the touch of a button.

Also, the plasma TV screen was separate from the drivers divider, which allows passengers to tuck away the screen and still have the divider up.

On the outside, gold framing around the opera lights distinguished the Royale Champagne limousine from the rest.

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