High Court to hear case against operator fee’s

The court case the Licensed Private Hire Car Association (LPHCA) has brought against Transport for London on Operator Licensing Fees, will be heard in the High Court on Tuesday 6th February.

Campaigning against the massive increase in operator license fee’s, the LPHCA launched a fighting fund late last year in an attempt to save the thousands of industry jobs which could be at risk due to the new operator fee increases.

In a recent meeting called by the LPHCA, Chairman Steve Wright told the hundred strong audience now is the time to act against TfL’s plans to substantially increase Operators Fee’s, which would see a large amount of business close down, according to Mr Wright.

He commented; “We have found ourselves with no choice other than to seek a Judicial Review in the High Court. We have launched the fighting fund and will be asking every one of London’s thousands of Operators to contribute towards the Judicial Review as we believe that this is a ‘David verses Goliath’ battle that must be won.”

Around £115,000 has already been donated by chauffeur and private hire firms to the LPHCA’s Fighting Fund, which aims to raise a total of £200,000 to fight the ruling.

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