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Since 2003, has been making a difference within the limousine and chauffeur industry in the UK.

As members of the media, we are always in contact with the main authorities who govern the industry such as the Public Carriage Office, Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and various Police authorities across the country. Because of this, is in a position to raise issues of concern in an attempt to get more recognition for the chauffeur and limousine markets. is the perfect outlet for operators to raise areas of concern, problems with licensing and topics surrounding the licensing of vehicles. Tell us your story – perhaps you are experiencing so many problems with licensing it is affecting your business or you find insurance so confusing, you are not sure you have the correct policy!

We also want to hear your problems with chauffeur vehicles – let us make the industry aware of problems with certain vehicles or perhaps you feel you are not getting the service you expect from a dealership. We review all the latest vehicles, but we want to hear your experiences with all makes and models, whether it be servicing, maintenance or the general workability factor or a certain model.

You can contact us easily by sending an email to is looking for real-world chauffeurs and who are fanatical petrol heads for our exclusive video reviews.

We test the very latest chauffeur vehicles on the market and we want to know what you, the chauffeur think of them. So, do you fancy giving us your views on the latest Mercedes-Benz or Bentley? Then this could be just the thing for you.

The lucky chauffeur should have a good knowledge of the luxury car market and willing to be filmed driving and spending some time to experience the car.

All you need to do to apply is email us the following details to

Your full name and company name.
All of your contact details
Full description of your current fleet
Photographs of you, your premises and your vehicle(s)