Forget glitz and glamour – you’re a chauffeur!

As a chauffeur you undoubtedly mix with a slice of society you probably wouldn’t have any connection with otherwise. But, is there a danger the odd chauffeur goes too far and falls into the trap of trying to emulate their high end clients?

Andy Dubberley takes a closer look…

The majority of us chauffeurs are acutely aware of our position in the pecking order and fully except what we do as an in service profession in every sense of the term.

Vehicle Finance for Chauffeurs

We are tenuously connected to another world we aren’t equipped to frequent in any other way than by the fact that we drive a big shiny car or perhaps work in protection. For most of us this is enough, we know exactly how the other half live, as the old saying goes and at the end of each day we’re content to return to our own, rather more modest reality.

The problem comes when chauffeurs, security, house keepers or any other members of staff spend so long in the company of the rich and famous they lose touch of the boundaries and endeavour to live the lifestyle of those who they serve.

I’ve seen it and it’s a cringe-inducing spectacle to say the least. On numerous occasions I’ve had to listen to film and music industry drivers tell me how they and such and such a celebrity are like brothers, how they drink together, play golf together and are almost inseparable. Or the private household chauffeur who, after twenty years in the job, lives way beyond their financial means in an almost hopeless attempt to keep up with their bosses.

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