Finding perfect employee’s for your Chauffeur business

I’ve come across at least one chauffeur who felt the need to comment on his inability to understand how certain clients reached the senior positions they held. As I pointed out, that is none of our concern and makes not one iota of difference to the service we are paid to provide.

The real issues reveal themselves if your new employee just can’t provide whatever it is you do, (something client’s really struggle to be able to define by the way). If the majority of your clients start coming out with nuggets such as ‘your new guy is really nice but they just doesn’t do things the way you do’ or saying ‘I’d prefer you if possible’, you’ve got a logistical nightmare on your hands and you’ll be juggling jobs like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s hugely flattering to be held in such high esteem but it’s makes it virtually impossible to keep all your clients happy all of the time so you end up questioning your ability to expand your business at all.

Vehicle Finance for Chauffeurs

Happily, there are great people out there who do get what the ‘real’ job is about but it’s very difficult to find an all rounder because they really are few and far between. Forget whether they’re ex military, police, truck driver, or pole dancer because being a good chauffeur is absolutely about individual’s personality and that doesn’t come through on any CV.

It is indeed a minefield and believe me, you’ll be very lucky to walk through it without some unwelcome explosions along the way. Good Luck.

Andy Dubberley

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