Finding perfect employee’s for your Chauffeur business

There’s a strong element of ‘thinking in the seat’ rather than on your feet as a good quality chauffeur, so you would hope someone who really wants to do the job properly would ask the great Google god for the basic requirements before calling you up… as many of you reading this will testify, they clearly don’t! ‘I didn’t realise you needed a special licence’ is a common response.

But that’s not all, you will also encounter the ‘say yes but mean no’ brigade. These are the potential employees who will sit on your sofa and solemnly state that early starts, unsociable hours, keeping the car clean, fixed prices for airport transfers, and the dozen other things you’ve explained to them in minute detail about the job really won’t be a problem and they totally understand.

Forward wind a month, two months, three months and up pops the email in your inbox one morning stating how they’ve decided it isn’t for them because they didn’t realise there would be many early starts or how often they’d have to wash the car.

Vehicle Finance for Chauffeurs

So let’s take a jump ahead and assume you find a suitable candidate who ‘gets’ the job. They have plenty of driving experience, perhaps they’ve even got some form of security background, they’re smartly dressed, articulate and communicate well.

Vitally, they’re also a nice person you can actually see yourself getting along with, (don’t underestimate the importance of that basic credential for a second). Are they genuinely the type of person who will be able to cope with the need to be subservient? Perhaps too strong a word but you are undoubtedly at the beck and call of others in an ‘in service’ profession and some people struggle with that.

A common one are ex-senior executives who decide to get into chauffeuring after retirement or redundancy, only to end up resenting those business people that they’re now driving. I’ve heard stories from clients who’ve had chauffeurs point out they used to be the ones getting driven and staying in nice hotels – well you’re not now, so get over it or get out of it.

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