Fighting Fund created to secure industry future

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  • “We have found ourselves with no choice other than to seek a Judicial Review in the High Court." Steve Wright

Every Chauffeur and Private Hire operator in London is being urged to take action now to secure their future in the trade.

In a recent meeting called by the The Licensed Private Hire Car Association (LPHCA), Chairman Steve Wright told the hundred strong audience now is the time to act against TfL’s plans to substantially increase Operators Fee’s, which would see a large amount of business close down, according to Mr Wright.

The LPHCA believes the new fee structure for Private Hire Operator licensing introduced by Transport for London is unreasonable, unnecessary and unfair, as having just one extra vehicle make fees go from £30,000 to £150,000.

Therefore, a fighting fund has been set up to raise two hundred thousand pounds to support a Judicial Review in the High Court. The association says £100 from each operator in London would secure their future and would allow them to fight the new rules.

Mr Wright commented; “We have found ourselves with no choice other than to seek a Judicial Review in the High Court. We have launched the fighting fund and will be asking every one of London’s thousands of Operators to contribute towards the Judicial Review as we believe that this is a ‘David verses Goliath’ battle that must be won.”

He added; “We are calling on the entire Private Hire Industry to unite against measures that could wipe out many, many Operators, leaving the futures of many drivers, industry suppliers and others connected to the industry in jeopardy too.”

Around 30 PHV Operators from Minicab to Chauffeur & Executive, as well as some of the Industry’s top suppliers, have now donated towards the fighting fund, making the total around £80,000 of the £200,000 that could be needed to fund the High Court case.

To donate and secure your businesses future, please visit:

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