Customers consulted on limousine licensing

Residents in Peterborough are being consulted over council plans to license stretch limousines.

Fenland District Council has put the proposal out for public consultation following fears raised about potential dangers to passengers, particularly young people.

The consultation will also include vehicles such as former ambulances and fire engines used to ferry people for special events.

Concerns have been expressed about overcrowding, inadequate inspections and drivers who may have criminal convictions. As a result, Fenland District Council is seeking to bring such vehicles and their drivers under its private hire licensing regime.

Details of the 12-week consultation were published on April 11 and it will run until July 4.

Councillor Kit Owen, the council’s portfolio holder responsible for licensing, said: “These sort of vehicles are increasingly popular and add to the fun of special occasions.

“We understand that – we’re not killjoys and we will make every effort to enable people to go on using them. But we have a duty to ensure public safety and we can’t ignore the potential dangers posed by the lack of proper controls.

“Our proposals are aimed mainly at stretched limousines but would also cover other kinds of vehicles that are commonly used.”

Source: Peterborough Today

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