Christmas Party-goers at risk of getting illegal transport

More than half of Christmas parties will go on past midnight, but less than a quarter of businesses ensure that their employees get home safely, that’s according to recent research from corporate car service Driven A to B.

Christmas parties are still important events for many businesses, nearly all (97%) of respondents said that there would be a party this year. Almost 50% opt for dinner and dancing, with 29% planning to go for drinks after work. Nearly one third (31%) of parties will finish between 10pm and midnight, with more than half expecting to go on after midnight (54%) and 6% will go on past 4am.

Despite this, very few firms arrange travel to get people home safely. Less than a quarter of those surveyed, 22%, will pay for a car service or taxis with the majority of party-goers 71% left to find their own way home. The survey results suggest that this may not always be a good idea; during past Christmas parties 25% of respondents have fallen asleep in a public place, 35% vomited through drinking too much and 20% people undressed in front of people!

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The survey also revealed that despite 57% of people seeing the events as a great opportunity to chat and have fun with people in the office, the same amount would rather have a bonus than a Christmas party.

Mike Bell, Chief Executive at Driven A to B said: “Christmas parties can be good for morale and help employees to get to know each other, but it’s important that businesses consider their safety too. The combination of too much alcohol and late nights can lead to people putting themselves in potentially risky situations and with an increase in unlicensed vehicles on the road, through apps such as Uber, there is more chance than ever of getting into a car where the driver has not received adequate training or checks.

“There are also legal considerations for businesses. UK law states that the office Christmas party is an extension of the normal working environment and as such employers are still liable for the safety of their employees. Providing transport home through a good quality corporate car service does not only ensure the safety of the individuals, but can provide to be a wise investment. Booking cars can help to: avoid further costly bar bills being run up into the night; get people into the office on time the next day; and avoid any embarrassing situations between employees which may cause tension in the office!”

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