Chauffeurs Choice: Jaguar XJL Vs Audi A8L

Deciding on which Chauffeur car to operate is a tricky on-going issue and one which has to be constantly raised with the introduction of increasingly better cars every year.

Online industry forums are always full of topics from new and old operators when it comes to purchasing a car which ticks all the boxes for both the chauffeur and client. is here to help as we put two popular long-wheelbase vehicles head-to-head – the Jaguar XJ and Audi A8L.

The models we are reviewing are the Audi A8 TDi Quattro SE Executive and a Jaguar XJL Autobiography. Admittedly, the Jaguar is a high-spec derivative and has a long list of added extras above the A8, however we will be looking at the cars ignoring expensive add-on’s.

The outgoing A8 was launched in 2009 and received a much welcomed facelift in 2012. It is due to be replaced later this year by a yet to be seen super-tech version, which should be a game changer for the manufacturer.

Jaguar revealed the all-new look XJ in the same year as the A8 and has received a few nips and tucks since then. The last in 2015 saw the XJ get a new range of improved, economical engines and exterior tweaks to keep it as fresh as ever.

Both vehicles have been successful within the trade and many chauffeurs find it difficult to decide between them due to their cutting-edge styling and attractive chauffeur programmes on offer.

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