Chauffeurs being used to courier crime in London

Chauffeurs and Private Hire Drivers are being used as couriers for crime by a group of fraudsters preying on the elderly according to the Metropolitan Police.

The force is warning the industry to be vigilant following a spate of crimes where members of the public are being convinced to surrender their bank cards after receiving a call from the fraudsters.

Reports have said the calls appear to be coming from their bank stating their systems have spotted an unauthorised payment on their card. After gaining their trust, the fraudsters then arrange a private hire car or chauffeur to pick-up the card from the address.

Vehicle Finance for Chauffeurs

A spokesperson from Metropolitan Police commented; “It is vital that private hire companies and their drivers are fully aware of this scam and be vigilant when booking or attending this type of fare. In most cases the private hire companies are being used as unsuspecting couriers.

“However in a few cases the private hire companies /drivers have been compliant and were fully aware of this scam. It is the private hire companies and drivers responsibility to ensure they do not facilitate crime.’

The advice from the Metropolitan Police is if you have the slightest suspicion about a fare of this nature contact your local Police station immediately and do not deliver the package and advise the client accordingly that this is a scam.

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