Long Term Test – Volvo XC90 D5

Volvo has a new vision, it’s in a new era you could say with chauffeurs across the country experiencing the new age of the manufacturer since the launch of the S90, V90 and all-new XC90 over the last couple of years.

TheChauffeur.com Editor, Paul Gibson has spent two months behind the wheel of the new XC90 (not in one sitting of course), to find out how the new model has been brought up-to-date and what it can offer the chauffeur industry.

“It’s probably worth starting this article on the success of the previous model of the XC90 around the world. Volvo sold 86,000 units in the U.S in just one year and it continued to be the company’s flagship model for the next nine years.

It stood the test of time as it offered owners a practical, spacious 4×4 vehicle with a decent level of comfort and of course, the Volvo reputation of safety and reliability.

In 2014, the all-new model was announced as part of this ‘new era’ for Volvo. It got fed up with being the old man’s choice and embraced the future of motoring by announcing no-one will die behind the wheel of one of its cars by 2020.

Brave statement you are probably thinking especially as we are only three years away. Well, think again – NCAP recently awarded the new XC90 97% for occupant safety, so engineers almost have it in the bag.

So, what does the new XC90 mean for chauffeurs and will it be more successful within the market than its predecessor?

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