Chauffeur industry guild hosts successful network event

Chauffeurs were given the opportunity to meet the people behind the Guild of Professional Chauffeurs recently, whilst networking with industry colleagues.

The event, held at the Parkers European Headquarters near Bicester, saw chauffeurs travel from across the country to find out more about the Guild and its aims to improve standards across the industry and at the same time meet industry suppliers from a range of services.

Steve Sommerfeld, Chair of the GoPC commented; “The networking event was all the reassurance we needed – that we’re massively supported in our efforts, not only by chauffeurs but by major industry companies too. The success of the day exceeded our expectations and we’re all really humbled and flattered by the positive feedback from everyone there. We intend to do another in the north-west during this summer.”

Vehicle Finance for Chauffeurs

He added; “We wanted to stand up and try to do something and felt that being a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers meant we could do so with integrity and be considered as a valid group of professionals who want to make a difference.’

During the event, attendees also had the opportunity to attend a First Aid Training session, in which a qualification is required to join the Guild. The Guild of Professional Chauffeurs was set-up last year with the aim of upholding professional standards in the industry by offering membership to chauffeurs across the country.

Vice Chairman, Andy Dubberley said; “The event proved a great opportunity for us to meet chauffeurs face to face, answer their questions and discuss exactly what the Guild could mean for them and their businesses. It also allowed us to engage with our extremely supportive partner companies, most of whom will shortly be announcing very impressive membership benefits.’

“It was a really encouraging day and we’re now more confident than ever that the Guild of Professional Chauffeurs has the potential to bring very positive change to the industry by providing a platform for the best our profession has to offer”.

Gary Dodd, a Chauffeur from the North West commented on Facebook; “What a fantastic day meeting up with people who share the same passion, dedication and enthusiasm about standards, service and safety in the world of professional chauffeurs. I can’t thank you all enough in what you have achieved in a short time.”

Robert Nemes from the Midlands, simply said; “I had a great time today. Thank you Andy and Steve, and everyone else who made it possible.”

The day was supported by a range of suppliers such as Plan Insurance, Ethos Asset Finance, Drivertax Accountancy, CDS chauffeur despatch systems, Licensed Carriage Hire (LCH), Aston Scott insurance, Tasker Insurance, Parkers European chauffeurs, Red-2 Medical.

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