Chauffeur firm celebrates opening of Hydrogen station

A London-based green chauffeur firm celebrated the opening of the UK’s first Hydrogen station by filling it zero emission Toyota.

Greentomatocars took one of its Mirai hydrogen fuel cars to the official opening of the new hydrogen fuelling station at Cobham services on the M25 recently. It was opened last week by ITM Power, the energy storage and clean fuel company, with Shell.

Greentomatocars was one of the first UK businesses to take delivery of a zero emission Toyota Mirai in 2015. The car is a mid-size four-door saloon, powered by electricity generated in a hydrogen fuel cell, which emits nothing other than water vapour when driven.

Theo Ellis, who drives one of the company’s Mirai cars, has become the first person in the UK to drive 25,000 miles in a Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car – a distance equivalent to circling the globe.

Julia Thomas, Managing Director of Greentomatocars, says: ‘We welcome this new hydrogen fuelling station which will be extremely useful for our two Mirai hydrogen fuel cell private hire cars.  The addition of a hydrogen fuelling station south of London complements those already in operation to the east and west of London, boosting the capital’s hydrogen infrastructure.  This should encourage more companies to follow the lead in adopting zero emission hydrogen vehicles which are good for people and for the environment.’

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