Calls not to renew Uber license after ‘misleading figures’

Transport for London should not be mislead by false figures during talks with Uber, according to a Private Hire and Chauffeur trade body.

The Licensed Private Hire Car Association has written to TfL Commissioner Mike Brown, asking him not to renew Uber’s License as figures suggesting the number of drivers who could be unemployed are ‘untrue and misleading’.

The company reports 40,000 drivers would be out of work if Uber’s appeal was unsuccessful. Chairman of the LPHCA, Steve Wright commented; “It is a downright lie to suggest that 40,000 drivers would become unemployed if Uber’s licence is not renewed. Legitimate drivers could simply work with or agency to any one of the other thousands of operators licensed by TfL, many who have their own or use other booking apps.

He added; “If drivers meet the exacting standards held by the majority of TfL licensed operators, they would have no problem getting work elsewhere. Many of the drivers registered with Uber, already work with or agency to other operators, making any transition almost seamless. For others, the move elsewhere could take less than 24 hours as TfL would have already licensed them.

Meanwhile, an online petition has gained more than 840,000 signatures from Londoners who disagree with the decision not to renew Uber’s license, which was announced last month.

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