BMW has Range Rover in sights as X7 hits the road

SUV’s with the chauffeur market is a growing trend and BMW aims to take advantage of that with its new X7 4×4 model.

The manufacturer says the 5.1 metre long X7 features unrivalled luxury in the 4×4 sector and features a range of six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines.

Priced from £72,155, the X7 features a full-size third row seats whilst chauffeurs can opt for a 7-Series individual style second row of seats with integrated armrests, comfort cushions and cup-holders extended from the front centre console.

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At the back of the X7 is a Range Rover style split tailgate with a disappointing 326 litres of boot space due to the folding third row seats. As standard the X7 gets air suspension, a three-part panoramic roof and an optional Rear-Seat Entertainment Professional system comprising of a pair of 10.2-inch full-HD touchscreen displays, Blu-ray-compatible DVD player, two USB ports, HDMI socket and two headphone jacks.

The Off-Road package is available and features its own special graphics in the instrument cluster and Control Display, as well as an extra button on the centre console for selecting four driving modes – xSnow, xSand, xGravel and xRocks. The driver is also able to adjust the body’s ground clearance by pushing a button in the cockpit to raise it in two stages up to 40mm above the standard setting.

The BMW X7 will be on sale from April next year.

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