BMW announces Plug-in Hybrid 5-Series

Producing just 46g/km of CO2 and a combined fuel consumption of 141mpg, the new BMW 5-Series plugin hybrid is set to take on the likes of E-Class hybrid on its release in 2017.

Costing just under £44,000, the BMW 530e saloon will house a 2.0 four-cylinder engine producing 184hp, but combining electric power, it will deliver a mighty 252hp whilst offering 29 miles of pure electric motoring when required.

The reveal comes on the back of the launch of the latest 5-Series model which will be offered within the manufacturers Chauffeur Programme. Available to order from mid-January, the 530e promises to deliver new heights of luxury for both driver and passenger as well as returning incredible economy figures.

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See a full test drive of the newly revealed BMW 5-Series here.

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