BMW 6GT – Grace, pace and lots of space

The BMW 5-Series GT was an acquired taste as it didn’t have the sleek, executive saloon looks that the chauffeur industry is fond of. However, enough were sold since it was introduced in 2009 to get the sign off for its replacement – the BMW 6-Series GT.

Ian Kuah takes the first industry drive to see what it can offer the chauffeur business…

Sleeker, 150kg lighter, and making more of its fastback styling than its rather frumpy looking predecessor, the new big hatchback is based on the current 7-Series, just as the 5-Series GT shared its platform with the previous BMW flagship.

The 6-Series GT floorpan comprises a mixture of 5 and 7-Series, with some bespoke parts. The front of the car is mostly 7-Series because of the air suspension that is not an option on any 5-Series model. The 7-Series centre section provides its 3,070mm wheelbase for ample cabin room, while the rear floorpan is from the 5-Series Touring, which also features air suspension as standard. Since the 5-Series Touring system was designed for minimum intrusion into the load area it was thus ideal for the 6-Series.

At launch, BMW will only offer their 6-Series GT with the four-cylinder 258hp 1,998cc 630i, and 340hp 2,998cc six-cylinder petrol engines, and the 265hp 2,993cc six-cylinder diesel. The 325hp 640d and other engines will arrive later.

The only variant available on the launch event was the 640i, whose TwinPower Turbo straight six offers up 340hp between 5,500 and 6,500rpm and 450Nm of torque from 1,380 to 5,200rpm. The eight-speed ZF auto makes full use of this to thrust the 640i GT to 100km/h in a sprightly 5.4 sec, and on to its limited 250km/h Vmax.

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