BMW 5-Series range gets more equipment and styling for 2014

Over the past three years, more than a million drivers have chosen the current BMW 5-Series. Now, the range is benefiting from a number of subtle yet important changes.

With a number of exterior enhancements and extra equipment as standard, the 5-Series Gran Turismo has become an even better offering for the chauffeur industry.

The 5GT clinched The Chauffeur Car of the Year in the £50,000 and Under category earlier this year thanks to its massive amounts of rear cabin space and attractive chauffeur programme on offer.

As standard, all models now come with Xenon headlights and BMW Business Navigation as well as a range of more fuel efficient engines. A 530GT now produces 153g/km with a combined MPG figure of 48.7 on paper. Six-cylinder GT’s now get Professional Navigation as standard.

Previously referred to as the ‘marmite car’, the GT’s rear end has thankfully been redesigned following customers feedback since it’s launch. The two step boot configuration which allowed the boot to be opened without exposing the cabin to the elements has been scrapped. Although chauffeurs may not like this change, the boot lid can however be set to open to a certain point reducing the aperture which may protect the client from a rush of cold air or attack.

On the upside, the redesigned boot lid gives an extra 60 litres of luggage space, bringing it up to 500 litres and a sleeker look to the GT.

Around the front of the car is a redesigned kidney grille layout, air intake and chrome strips all freshen up the design.

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