Audi reveals Range Rover rival with Q8 model

With a three metre wheelbase, the Audi Q8 has been unveiled and promises to offer uncompromising luxury.

Sharing the same platform as the Bentley Bentayga and Lamborghini SUV, the flagship Q8 will feature mild hybrid technology using a 48v electrical system and a stunning interior touchscreen system similar to that seen in the new A8 series.

The vehicle was unveiled at the Audi China Brand Summit Shenzhen in Shanghai today.

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Although its dimensions are smaller than its Q7 sister, the Q8 promises to offer unrivalled interior space in this class of vehicle. Adaptive air suspension is standard and with the rear seats down offers 1,700 litres of boot space.

Featuring all-wheel steering, turning the rear wheels up to 5 degrees for better manoeuvrability in the city, and Audi’s legendary all-wheel drive system, offer stability in adverse conditions, the Q8 has already been described as an ‘off-road version of the A8’.

It is unknown if the Q8 will be aimed at the UK’s chauffeur industry and feature rear seat upgrades and luxuries such as those seen in the A8 model.

The Q8 is expected to be available in the UK from August 2018 and priced from around £65,000.


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