Appeal for prom victims after National Limousine Hire closure

At, we don’t aim our news articles at readers outside of the chauffeur and limousine industries, but this time we are making an exception.

We reported recently on a company called ‘National Limousine Hire’ which seems to have left a large number of school pupils stranded on their prom nights. It has closed its doors with a simple message being published on their website blaming the economy.

However, customers who have paid a deposit have been left high and dry and has been contacted by a number of angry clients who have simply not been contact by the business. So far, we have counted a total of 35 prom-goers who will not be receiving their hired limousines this year.

As Thursday 28th June and Friday 29th June are the busiest day for proms, we are expecting a large amount of pupils to be searching online for this company, so we are appealing for anyone who has been let down by National Limousine Hire to contact us. We will not be able to find replacement vehicles, but we feel something should be done to find out if this is a scam or simply a badly run business who cannot provide the services they have taken money for.

If you have a story to tell us, please email

Members of the public who have fallen victim are being encouraged to report their case by visiting Action Fraud here.

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